Git how to use the Rebase command

Git rebase command is used to re-apply your changes on top of another branch in the repository. In this article I will try to explain the need for rebasing technique and how it helps in maintaining the clean commit history. As a simple use case you just need to execute two commands to re-apply your work on top of the remote master branch.

Git how to checkout a specific version of a file?

When using git,  Is there a way to checkout a specific version of the file similar to the way that is available with some centralized version control systems like perforce ? For example the command "p4   sync  myfile.tpl#5"  in perforce checks out the version 5 of the file “myfile.tpl”. The same thing can be achieved in git in a slightly different way.

Basically it is a two step process.

Step1:  See the commit history of the file using the command “git log”