Drupal 7 hook_theme usage and example implementaion

The hook "hook_theme" enables individual modules to provide theme hooks. The function that implements this hook  returns an associative array with keys of the array representing  the names of the theme hooks and the values(again an array) containing the information about the theme hook. Each information array must contain either a 'variables' element or a 'render element' element, but not both.

Python Mako template using dictionaries and arrays

Templating is a common technique used to avoid repetitive coding, also used to separate data from logic. Mako is one of the popular python template engines. In this tutorial I will show an example of Mako template that is used to constructs an "Invoice" form using dictionaries and arrays. Also a python script is given that can process this Mako template with dictionaries and arrays.

Drupal 7 understanding theme registry

Theme registry is built and cached by the drupal core as part of booting process. The function "_theme_build_registry" (theme.inc) builds the theme registry. Each and every implemented theming hook will have a corresponding entry inside the theme registry. Basically each entry indicates  the process that takes place on invoking  the theming hook to which the entry belongs.  For the default bartik theme an entry inside theme registry for the theme hook "menu_link" looks like some thing as shown bellow.

Drupal 7 The process behind page construction.

Have you ever wondered what is the mechanism involved in building the page content for the given page query on a Drupal 7 website? In this tutorial I will try to dig into the process and provide details on some key steps involved in page construction process.

The process starts with a call to the function "menu_execute_active_handler()" inside "index.php".

Drupal7: Installation of Ckeditor and its integration with some important modules and plugins.

Ckeditor is one of the most popular WYSIWYG text editors used with drupal. In this tutorial we will describe installation of ckeditor, and its integration with some important plugins & modules (like IMCE, codesnippet). We will also share various issues we had to deal with during this integration process.

Drupal7: How to build a simple drupal module

In this tutorial we create a simple druapl module that implements a custom block called “Top10” and that block become available for use on blocks page (?q=admin/structure/block). You can configure a theme to display this block in any of the theme’s regions, In this tutorial we configure the default theme “Bartik” to display this block in its region “Sidebar first”